Old Second Money Connection Prepaid Card
About the Card

Our Money Connection Prepaid Card is a re-loadable card, allowing you to load money to it when you want. It is like a bank account on a card. The approval process is easy with no credit check required. Old Second’s Money Connection Prepaid Card allows you to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted & withdraw money at over 800,000 Cirrus ATMs worldwide and offers secure purchasing power at your fingertips.

How it Works
The Prepaid Card looks and acts like a credit card. But, unlike a credit card, the Old Second Money Connection Prepaid Card stores the dollar amount you choose to load onto the card.
You can purchase your card at any of our locations and value is loaded to your card at this time.
You can then reload value on your card in one of the following ways:

  • Call 1-877-866-0202 and we can transfer from your checking or savings account
  • Stop by any of our locations and one of our tellers will load the value
  • Set up direct deposit with your employer to add value
  • Add value online at www.oldsecond.com using your credit or debit card.

Direct Deposit
Your employer sends instructions to the bank to Direct Deposit money directly to your personalized Prepaid Card. On payday, your pay is electronically moved to your card, giving you access to funds immediately. No more waiting in teller lines and paying check cashing fees.
Your direct deposit information will be provided when you receive your card.

No waiting in teller lines to cash your check
Avoid check cashing fees
Pay bills without using Money Orders
Instant cash access on payday
Lost, stolen cards can be replaced
Safer than carrying cash
Accepted at millions of locations worldwide

The many uses of the Money Connection Prepaid Card:
Budget Card – You can load the amount you want to use for entertainment each pay period.
Since this is all that is available you will be more careful how you choose to spend it.

Teen Card – The parent can load a specific dollar amount to the card, so the teen is not accessing a bank account where it is easier to overspend. This also teaches your teen to budget their money and you can view where they are spending it.

Travel Card – No need to travel with cash, credit cards or debit cards. Each member of the family can have their own card with a specific amount. Since the card is re-loadable you can add funds again at any time. This card is accepted at MasterCard merchants and Cirrus ATMs worldwide.

Money Transfer Card – Provide out of town family & friends a Money Connection Prepaid Card and you can send them money in an instant.

Personalized Prepaid cards are available for extended use, ask a Banker for more information.